Develop, Debug & Integrate

No need to learn

No need to learn complex tools like Istio or Knative

Unified UI around different and disparate cloud-native technologies like Istio, Knative, and cloud-provider (AWS, Azure, and GCP) managed services. We make it easy to use cloud-native tools for developing, deploying and managing applications. No need to learn complex tools like Istio or Knative.

Hybrid application

Easily create a hybrid application

Using the CloudPlex Mesh Designer, you can easily create a hybrid application consisting of microservices, serverless functions, cloud-provider managed services, third-party APIs, and your legacy, VM-based applications through a visual, drag & drop experience.


Be up and running in

Integration of major cloud-native tools like Kubernetes, Istio, Knative, Prometheus, Grafana, Kiali, Envoy and others into a single platform. No need to download, install and configure these tools.


Available through API

All features that are available in the GUI are also available through an API for full automation and extensibility.


Fully integrated with Docker Hub

Huge library of open source and commercially available microservices.

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Dynamic Configuration

No hardcoding of configuration parameters required. CloudPlex Ultramesh enables dynamic configuration of the entire application, including endpoints, data sources, container repositories, Git repositories, secrets and credentials.

CI/CD Integration

Easy integration with all major CI/CD tools, such as Jenkins, Bamboo, GitLab and CircleCI, via webhooks into the CI/CD process. Does not disrupt your existing development, testing and deployment processes.

Deploy Anywhere

Ultramesh provides a simple visual drag & drop interface to deploy user managed clusters on any public cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP), or provider managed clusters (GKE, AKS, EKS), private clouds (VMWare, OpenStack), or edge clouds (bare metal).

Visual Deployment Pipelines

Visual design of deployment pipelines with Canary, Blue/Green or Highlander strategies with manual and automatic Canary analysis.

Monitor & Manage

Monitor & Manage

Policy-Based Autoscaling mesh-health-dashboard-deploy service-status-dashboard-deploy service-flow-diagram-deploy comprehensive-mesh-monitoring-deploy
Policy-Based Autoscaling

Policy-Based Autoscaling

Container autoscaling with sophisticated rules based on CPU, memory, requests, packets, bandwidth, and disk writes and reads, defined by either average value or utilization. CloudPlex Ultramesh also autoscales pods based on user-defined rules.


Mesh health dashboard

Understand service health with the mesh health dashboard, which provides a detailed look into health, latency and error rate of each component in the mesh.


Service status dashboard

Allows navigation and search of service components and to receive detailed information on each component, such as its ports, variables, and virtual service rules.


Service Flow Diagram

An easy-to-understand service flow diagram provides a powerful way to visualize what is actually happening within your service mesh. Know which components are communicating with each other and locate errors.


Comprehensive Mesh Monitoring

Monitors all aspects of mesh components including CPU, memory, network usage, and latency and define alerts -- via email, Slack or webhooks -- based on different health and activity patterns of the services.

Enterprise Grade Features

Enterprise-Grade Security & Collaboration

Project-Centric Collaboration

Project-Centric Collaboration

Project based assignment, control and management of all resources and services.

Role-Based Access Control

Role-Based Access Control

Access to cluster, services, and other resources based on user defined roles and policies. Platform provides a rich set of roles and policies out of the box.

Policy-Based Security

Policy-Based Security

Secure your services based on user defined policies inculding the use of MTLS to secure all communication between services.

Slack Automation

Slack Automation

Automatically creates a Slack channel for each project in Ultramesh -- and invites relevant team members. Project status notifications will be automatically sent to the channel.