A Unified Service Mesh for Everything
Built for Developers

Real life applications require more than just microservices. Ultramesh lets developers extend their mesh to seamlessly include serverless functions, legacy applications, cloud provider managed services, and third-party APIs, with microservices.

CloudPlex Ultramesh One Mesh for Everything

Ultramesh takes your service mesh beyond microservices to include serverless, legacy (VM-based), cloud managed services, and third-party APIs. It runs on major public clouds, private and edge clouds, and supports federated and hybrid clouds.

Truly, “One Mesh for Everything”.

A Powerful Visual Service Mesh Designer

No need to master complex YAMLs and HELM Charts or struggle with CLIs to design the mesh. CloudPlex Ultramesh presents an intuitive, drag & drop studio to design and configure your mesh.

A visual workflow for the entire lifecycle: design, deploy, monitor and manage.

Visually perform fine-grained traffic management, design and apply circuit breakers, and inject faults for chaos testing.

Zero to Mesh in Minutes

Start designing the mesh through software as a service (SaaS) without delay, fully integrated with your CI/CD pipeline. No need to download, install and configure complex technologies like Istio, KNative, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Envoy, Grafana, Kiali and others.

End to End Automation

Complete end-to-end automation of the entire service mesh lifecycle, including integration with your CI/CD tools without disrupting your existing development environment on one end, and visual design of deployment pipelines with Canary, Blue/Green or Highlander strategies with manual and automatic Canary analysis, on the other end.

Enterprise Features

Enterprise - Grade Features

CloudPlex Ultramesh is enterprise-ready, with all the key features needed to run mission-critical applications in production, including:

Team and Role-Based Access Control
Policy-Based Security
License Management
Financial Controls
Admin Dashboard & More
Support for Slack-based team collaboration
MultiCluster Federation
Support for hybird cloud

Ready to start designing with CloudPlex Ultramesh ?

Building, deploying and managing an application with disparate technologies places an enormous burden on developers to learn and maintain complex systems.

We solve this problem with an easy-to-use intuitive platform.