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ViziPlex – Drag & Drop App Designer for Kubernetes

No need to manually create YAML manifests or Helm charts. Just use our visual design canvas. Manually building Kubernetes applications is time-consuming, painful, and error-prone. CloudPlex hides the complexity, cuts down development and debugging time, and reduces errors. Become productive with Kubernetes on day one.

TelePlex – Kubernetes Apps Integration Testing from Your Machine to the Cloud

Code locally in your favorite IDE. Integration test directly from your IDE into the cloud. No need to repeatedly push, build and deploy code to a Kubernetes cluster. CloudPlex makes collaborative integration testing easy and painless by providing a set of diagnostic, debug, and troubleshooting dashboards

ServicePlex – Add Kubernetes-Ready Services to Your App in Seconds

Choose from 1,000+ Kubernetes-ready reusable components in the ServicePlex Hub and simply drop them in your application. CloudPlex takes care of the integration heavy-lifting.

CloudPlex works seamlessly with


Google Kubernetes


Azure Kubernetes


Elastic Kubernetes


DigitalOcean Kubernetes

IKSIBM Cloud Kubernetes Services

IBM Cloud Kubernetes

or run your own Kubernetes cluster anywhere, without the limitations of
provider-managed Kubernetes

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Dynamic Parameters

No more hard-coding and repetitive configuration of Kubernetes parameters. Parameter values are dynamically resolved at runtime, reducing errors and build time
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Automatic setup of the Metrics Server and K8s autoscaler for every public cloud provider
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Kubernetes RBAC

Automatically creates and configures Service Accounts, Roles, and Role Bindings
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Associating pods to nodes

Visualize nodes and deployments in a single view and simply attach deployments to specific nodes, with automatic labeling and selectors
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Network & Traffic Management

A visual interface for fine-grain traffic control, retry policies, circuit breakers and fault injection
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Integration with Legacy

Automatically defines service information and generates config files required to integrate VMs with Docker containers

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Real-life applications require more than just containers. CloudPlex lets developers seamlessly integrate serverless functions, legacy applications, cloud provider managed services, and third-party APIs, with Docker containers

CloudPlex Visual Kubernetes Application Platform is Built With

CloudPlex Ultramesh

Cloud Computing


Cloud storage



Visual Cloud

Docker Hub

Cloud native build packs

Cloud native technologies

Cloud native patterns

Cloud native devops with kubernetes

Cloud native development

Cloud native application architecture

Cloud Native microservices

Cloud computing architecture

knative serverless

Thunder drive cloud storage

Airflow kubernetes

Terraform kubernetes provider

kubernetes operator

Istio Knative

mesh net-CloudPlex

Applications automatically ClpudPlex

We make using the entire cloud-native stack easy and approachable to developers

Cloud mesh




kibana – Docker Hub


CI/CD Environment

CI/CD Gitlab

Devops CI/CD


Track down information about the code encryption


AWS Lambda


Server Message Blockx

OpenID Connect

Informatic security

What is cloud native application?

Role-based access control

kubernetes force delete pod



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