We make using the entire cloud-native stack
easy and approachable to developers

Cloud-Native stack (Kubernetes, Istio Knative, Envoy, Prometheus, Grafana, Kiali, etc.) is complex to learn and hard to master. Developers spend 25%-30% of their time installing, configuring, deploying, managing and learning cloud native technologies. CloudPlex Ultramesh cuts down cloud native technology related productivity losses by 50%

CloudPlex Ultramesh One Mesh for Everything

Ultramesh takes your service mesh beyond microservices to include serverless, legacy (VM-based), cloud managed services, and third-party APIs. It runs on major public clouds, private and edge clouds, and supports federated and hybrid clouds.

Truly, “One Mesh for Everything”.

A Powerful Visual
Cloud-Native App Designer

No need to master complex YAMLs and HELM Charts or struggle with CLIs to design the mesh. CloudPlex Ultramesh presents an intuitive, drag & drop studio to design and configure your cloud-native applications.

A visual workflow for the entire app lifecycle: design, deploy, monitor and manage.

Visually perform fine-grained traffic management, design and apply circuit breakers, and inject faults for chaos testing.

Zero to App in Minutes

Start designing the cloud-native apps through software as a service (SaaS) without delay, fully integrated with your CI/CD pipeline. No need to download, install and configure complex technologies like Istio, KNative, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Envoy, Grafana, Kiali and others.

End to End Automation

Complete end-to-end automation of the entire cloud-native app lifecycle, including integration with your CI/CD tools without disrupting your existing development environment on one end, and visual design of deployment pipelines with Canary, Blue/Green or Highlander strategies with manual and automatic Canary analysis, on the other end.

Enterprise Features

Enterprise - Grade Features

CloudPlex Ultramesh is enterprise-ready, with all the key features needed to run mission-critical applications in production, including:

Team and Role-Based Access Control
Policy-Based Security
License Management
Financial Controls
Admin Dashboard & More
Support for Slack-based team collaboration
MultiCluster Federation
Support for hybird cloud

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Real life applications require more than just microservices. Ultramesh lets developers extend their mesh to seamlessly include serverless functions, legacy applications, cloud provider managed services, and third-party APIs, with microservices

CloudPlex Ultramesh presents a unified mesh for everything